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Web accessibility

Shelter is committed to ensuring its website is accessible and inclusive for all its users. Read about the ways the site has been designed to be accessible by all. We welcome your feedback on the site.

Privacy and cookies

Please read our policy on collecting, storing, and processing your personal and financial information, and steps you can take to protect your privacy on our website.

Receiving Shelter emails

We only send you emails if you've subscribed to them and you can opt out at any time. Read our guidelines to make sure you don't miss out on Shelter emails.

Hide your browsing history

If you don’t want other people who use your computer to know you have been browsing Shelter’s website, this page tells you how you can hide your web history.

Legal disclaimer and copyright

Shelter's legal and copyright statements in full, with disclaimers and the registered charity number for England and Scotland.


Use this sitemap to find pages on the Shelter website more easily. Contains a list of links to help you navigate easily.

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