How we raise money

Money in £47 million

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The bulk of Shelter's funding comes from donations made by individuals, organisations, charitable foundations and businesses.

Donations from individuals and organisations

From running marathons to organising music nights, individuals and organisations take part in a wide range of fundraising activities for Shelter.

Many individuals also give one-off donations to Shelter, or regular gifts via Direct Debit, after having direct contact with our work or hearing about it through advertising or media coverage.

We also have a face-to-face fundraising team that goes out on to the street to sign up new Direct Debit givers. This is a very cost effective way of raising awareness and generating income for Shelter. All our fundraisers abide by a strict industry code of practice.

Donations from charitable foundations and trusts

Charitable foundations and trusts often provide support for a specific project or service. The Pilgrim Trust, for example, funds a project supporting ex-offenders after release, while the Big Lottery Fund supported our work with homeless children at the Newham Education Project.

Donations from businesses

Corporate partnerships bring much-needed funds to Shelter, and introduce new audiences to our work.

Funding from other sources

Aside from Government grants and legal advice contracts, Shelter's nationwide network of charity shops is another source of funding.

Our Training teams in England and Scotland offer expertly run courses in housing and personal development subjects. They promote good practice in the housing sector at the same time as raising funds for Shelter.

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