Equality and diversity

Shelter values difference and inclusiveness, and we are committed to continuing to do so.

To us, this means we continue to provide equality of opportunity for all, in order to stimulate meaningful participation and contribution and help Shelter meet its key aims and objectives.

How our policy works in practice

Shelter’s equality and diversity policy ensures we are adhering to our legal, social and moral responsibilities, linked to our core values. A positive approach to diversity informs all our work, from campaigning for change to helping people to find and keep a home.

Here are some examples of how our equality and diversity agenda has translated into good practice over the last year:

  • We carried out Equality and Diversity Impact Assessments - covering all advice and support services to the public - to ensure inclusive access and to take into account diverse service user needs.
  • We continued to improve our monitoring of the diversity of Shelter clients, to better understand the complex nature of housing problems presented by different client groups.
  • We facilitated workshops and shared best practice on approaches to Equality Impact Assessment and Action Planning on housing issues with external networks and organisations, such as NCVO, Victim Support, St.Mungos and the West Kent Local Authorities Partnership.
  • As part of Shelter’s collaboration with Homeless Link in delivering London Councils’ Pan-London 2nd tier homeless project, we delivered Equality Practice training to small community groups.
  • We are working with a coalition of charities including AgeUK, MacMillan Cancer Research, Action for Children and the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations in pioneering a new Equality and Human Rights Framework for the Voluntary Sector. We are currently at the pilot stage and have received expressions of interest from several voluntary sector organisations keen to help test out the framework.
  • We continue to empower our service users by involving them in our housing services and support work, through our inclusive national user involvement programme. Their voices are now heard regularly through user-led newsletters, national events, trustee engagement activities and user-led forums.
  • As a member of the GLA Equality Housing Advisory Group, we advised the Mayor of London to ensure equality outcomes are included in the London Housing Strategy.

Read our ‘Promoting Equality, Valuing Diversity' statement

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