A home of their own?

Owning a home used to be an aspiration that was within reach of ordinary families.

But with soaring house prices, it’ll take the average family 12 years to save up for a home of their own. For families in Hereford it’s 15 years, and in Bath it’s more than 16 years.

Home ownership is slipping away. And our children are likely to be completely locked out unless something changes. A decade of unstable renting, or a return to Mum and Dad’s sofa is the only option left for many.

Use our interactive map to see how your local area compares.

Your stories

Rachael holding her daughter



‘With rents and the cost of living so high, saving a deposit for a house just seems impossible...’

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A picture of Abi



‘We can’t save any money for a deposit at all. We could in theory start putting...’

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The Lee family

The Lee family


‘We can’t get the stability we need from our home. We’re renting at the moment, but...’

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