Housing benefit problems

Housing benefit overpayments

If you have been paid too much housing benefit, this is an overpayment. Find out what to do if you received more housing benefit than you are entitled to

Housing benefit delays

Find out what to expect while you wait for a housing benefit decision and what to do if payment is delayed

Housing benefit won't cover the rent

Benefit cuts could mean you won’t get enough housing benefit to pay the rent. Get advice on how to keep your home and avoid going into arrears

Housing benefit revisions and appeals

If you don't agree with a council's decision on your housing benefit, you can ask it to look at it again or take it to a tribunal. Find out how to do this

How to rent when a landlord won’t accept housing benefit

Some landlords might be reluctant to accept tenants on housing benefit, but there are steps you can take to persuade them

Housing benefit tribunals

You can appeal to a tribunal if you don’t agree with a decision that affects your housing benefit. See what happens in a tribunal case

Why has my housing benefit stopped?

Housing benefit can be stopped suddenly. Find out why and what to do about it