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What are housing co-operatives?

Housing co-operatives can provide affordable housing. They are usually managed by residents.

What are housing co-ops?

Housing co-ops are groups of people who live in and collectively manage their accommodation.

Residents usually:

  • take responsibility for arranging repairs
  • make decisions about rent increases
  • decide who joins or leaves the co-op

Getting a place in a housing co-op

Housing co-operatives may be scarce in your area. Vacancies might come up infrequently.

The way that vacancies are filled varies between different co-operatives. You could try:

  • applying for a council home and asking to be nominated for vacancies in housing co-operatives
  • contacting the council for information about local housing co-operatives and then contacting them directly

You may be able to set up a housing co-operative yourself. You may need a certain number of other people to get involved as well as help with the legal aspects of setting it up.

Contact the Confederation of Co-operative Housing for more information on starting a co-operative.

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