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Applicable amount 2009/10

This content applies to England

Applicable amounts for calculating housing benefit in 2009/10.

The claimant's applicable amount is the figure set by the Department for Work and Pensions to reflect the basic living needs of the claimant and her/his family. The 'applicable amount' is calculated by adding together the relevant 'personal allowances' and 'premiums'. See the Calculation of housing benefit section for more information about how to calculate housing benefit.

Personal allowances

Personal allowances are awarded for the claimant as set out below.

Single person £ per week
Aged under 25 50.95
Aged under 25 and on main phase employment and support allowance (ESA) 64.30
Aged between 25 and 59 64.30
Aged between 60 and 64 130.00
Aged 65 or over 150.40
Lone parent £ per week
Aged under 18 50.95
Aged under 18 and on main phase ESA 64.30
Aged 18 or over 64.30
Couple £ per week
Both aged under 18 76.90
One or both aged over 18 100.95
One aged under 18 and on main phase ESA 100.95
One or both aged 60 to 64 198.45
One or both aged 65 or over 225.50
Other £ per week
Dependent child or young person aged under 20 56.11


Some claimants, but not all, qualify for one or more additional amounts called premiums. Entitlement to some premiums is triggered by certain qualifying social security benefits. There are no limitations on how many premiums can be awarded to a claimant as long as s/he satisfies the qualifying conditions.

Type of premium £ per week
Family premium 17.30
Family premium with child(ren) aged under one 27.80
Disabled child premium (for each child) 51.24
Carer premium 29.50
Disability premium for a single 27.50
Disability premium for a couple 39.15
Enhanced disability premium for a single 13.40
Enhanced disability premium for a couple 19.30
Enhanced disability premium for a child 20.65
Severe disability premium for a single 52.85
Severe disability premium for a couple (one qualifies) 52.85
Severe disability premium for a couple (both qualify) 105.70
For certain claimants in receipt of ESA £ per week
Work related activity component 25.50
Support component 30.85

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