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Disregards 2014/15

This content applies to England

How much income, earnings and capital are disregarded when calculating housing benefit in 2014/15.

The calculation of housing benefit takes into account the claimant's financial resources. Certain earnings, income and capital are disregarded. See the Calculation of housing benefit section for more information about the rules for calculating housing benefit.

Main earnings disregards

Claimant is £ per week
Single person 5.00
Couple 10.00
Lone parent 25.00
In special occupations/circumstances 20.00
On ESA(C), IB or SDA and does permitted work (higher disregard) 101.00(i)
On ESA(C), IB or SDA and does permitted work (lower disregard) 20.00(i)
Disregards on top of above £ per week
Child care charges (1 child) up to 175.00
Child care charges (2 or more children) up to 300.00
Additional earnings (16 to 30 hours work) 17.10

(i) These rates are from October 2013 to October 2014.

Main income disregards (excluding earnings)

Type of income £ per week
Actual income from capital In full
Social fund payments In full
Disability living allowance In full
Attendance allowance In full
Mobility supplements In full
Guardian’s allowance In full
Fostering allowance In full
Education maintenance allowances/bursaries/grants In full
New deal In full
Employment Zone grants and premiums In full
Charitable payments In full
Child maintenance payments In full
Adult maintenance disregard 15.00
War disablement pension 10.00 (some local authorities disregard in full)
War widow’s pension 10.00 (some local authorities disregard in full)
Aemed Forces Compensation Scheme 10.00
Student loan 10.00
Student's covenanted income 5.00
Income from a sub-tenant 20.00
Income from a boarder 20.00 + 50 per cent of any excess over 20.00
Child benefit In full

Main capital disregards

Type of capital £ per week
The claimant’s home In full
The claimant’s personal possessions In full
Money for home purchase for a limited period In full
Certain compensation payments In full
Money held in occupational and personal pensions In full
Business assets of a self-employed claimant In full
Life insurance policies' annuities or surrender value In full
Social fund payments and loans In full

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