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Taking legal action and other options

This content applies to England

This section looks at legal remedies for harassment and illegal eviction.

Occupier's legal remedies

If negotiations with the landlord to stop harassment or prevent eviction fail, occupiers could consider pursuing a remedy using the courts. 

Causes of action

In order to take a case in the civil court, the complainant must have a cause of action deriving from either breach of contract or tort law. 

County court injunctions

A landlord can be forced to stop harassment or illegal eviction by way of a county court injunction. 

Claiming damages

This section gives information about damages that can be sought where an occupier has been harassed or illegally evicted by her/his landlord. 

Criminal action

The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 makes harassment and illegal eviction criminal offences. Civil action will probably bring the speediest remedy for the occupier, but successful criminal proceedings can be a long-term deterrent for landlords. 

Alternatives to court action

The various courses of action that may be available to people experiencing harassment, illegal eviction and/or antisocial behaviour, looking at which course of action is most appropriate in different circumstances. 

Practical steps

Practical steps that occupiers experiencing harassment or illegal eviction can take. 

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