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Explanation of the types of behaviour that may constitute an offence, action a client could take and the legal protection available.

The sections on Harassment and illegal eviction and Harassment and antisocial behaviour give more detailed information about the most appropriate courses of action in each case. Legal remedies are broadly divided into those that can be used to tackle actions intended to force an occupier to leave her/his accommodation or to refrain from exercising her/his rights (see the section on harassment and illegal eviction) and those which are not (see the section on harassment and antisocial behaviour).

Overview of harassment and illegal eviction

The distinction between harassment and illegal eviction and action that is intended to force the occupier to leave her/his home. 

Overview of harassment and antisocial behaviour

Main differences between harassment and antisocial behaviour. Actions not intended to force the occupier to leaver her/his home, but that cannot be tolerated. 

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