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How to buy a home

This content applies to England & Wales

The steps involved in buying a home.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) has published guides for prospective homeowners. The ‘How to buy a home’ guide offers practical advice on the process of buying a home. The 'How to sell a home' guide may assist those who wish to sell their existing property before moving.

Homebuyer occupation rights

The different ways in which land and property can be owned: freehold, leasehold and commonhold; summary of key features of each. 

Types of home ownership

The main forms of ownership for owner-occupied property. 

Rules for mortgage lenders

Mortgage lenders, affordability and mortgage regulation. 

Types of mortgage

Information on different types of mortgages available. 

Mortgage lenders interest rates

Interest rates available from mortgage lenders. 

Cost of buying a home

Other costs prospective purchasers should be prepared for when buying a home. 

Homebuying process

The process of making an offer for a property. 

Valuations, surveys and Energy Performance Certificates

Information about valuations, surveys and Energy Performance Certificates. 

Homebuyer contracts

Contract terms, and issues around the exchange of contracts. 

Disputes with estate agents

Common issues and problems buyers may encounter in disputes with estate agents. 

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