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Buying a mobile home

This content applies to England & Wales

The legal position of a person buying a mobile home as a residence.

Information about the legal position of a mobile home resident is given in the section on Mobile homes, which gives a definition of a mobile home and information about the protection of the Mobile Homes Act 1983. Information about mortgages, solicitors' fees, and other factors which should be considered by all home buyers are included in the section on Buying a home.

Buying a new or second-hand mobile home

Issues to consider when buying a new or a second-hand mobile home. 

Mobile home sites regulations

Legal checks that a prospective purchaser can make about a mobile home site, and issues around the site licence. 

Mobile home site written agreements

What should be contained in the written agreement. 

Mobile home site rules and operation

Site rules, and how a prospective owner can find out about how a site is run. 

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