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Mitigation or accommodation works

This content applies to England & Wales

How acquiring authorities can mitigate against the effects of CPOs.

These are works carried out by the acquiring authority or paid for by the acquiring authority to reduce the impact of development on homes which are not covered by the CPO but are sufficiently close to be affected by the development.


Soundproofing must be offered to homeowners affected by new roads, railways or airports. There are qualifying criteria for the noise effect on the home. Ask the acquiring authority for details. It may be willing to offer soundproofing even where the criteria are not fulfilled. Soundproofing is to a statutory quality, but if this is insufficient it is possible to ask for a grant to be paid instead and to be used towards a higher level of soundproofing.

Other mitigating works and actions

The acquiring authority may offer other mitigating works. Often this is done as part of an agreement to withdraw objections or simply to make the CPO proposal more reasonable. Mitigating works can include:

  • acquiring land that will be affected by the development, but which is beyond the necessary CPO area
  • planting trees or shrubs
  • landscaping
  • payments for temporary relocation while works are carried out.

An owner or occupier should get advice from a solicitor or surveyor to ensure that any agreement, offer or concession made by the acquiring authority is properly recorded and is legally enforceable, before taking any step in reliance on it.

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