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Advantages of negotiating a sale with the acquiring authority.

A property owner may negotiate a sale to the acquiring authority at any time, even after a CPO has been made. The acquiring authority will often prefer a negotiated sale, because it may avoid the cost and time spent on getting a CPO confirmed, and may avoid the political controversy that CPOs can sometimes generate. The owner may prefer to negotiate a sale, because then s/he may be able to get a better price and more certainty.

Negotiations will not necessarily lead to the objector having to move away permanently. For example, shopkeepers whose shops are being demolished for redevelopment may be able to get shops in the new development. (This is less common for residential tenants – see the page on Rehousing for more information.)

Also, an objector to a CPO may agree to withdraw the objection if the acquiring authority makes concessions or gives undertakings. The objector should get advice from a solicitor or surveyor to ensure that any agreement or concession made by the acquiring authority is properly recorded and is legally enforceable, before the objection is withdrawn.

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