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HomeBuy and Help to Buy: repossession

This content applies to England

How properties bought under the HomeBuy and Help to Buy schemes can be repossessed.

For HomeBuy and Help to Buy schemes, a lender can take possession of the property using the standard possession procedure for owner-occupiers. The section on Mortgage arrears: payment problems gives information on dealing with problems paying for owner-occupied accommodation. The section on Mortgage arrears: court action gives more information on court action for mortgage arrears. Where the property is shared ownership, see the section on Shared ownership - repossession for more information.

Flexible tenure

Flexible tenure is a policy which allows a shared owner at risk of repossession to decrease her/his equity share in their home by selling some of that share back to the social landlord. The equity released in this way allows the owner to reduce her/his mortgage debts, and on-going housing costs will be more affordable as a result of the reduction in mortgage repayments. In some circumstances, depending on the policy, the social landlord may buy back all of the owner's equity.

A shared owner who reduces her/his equity through flexible tenure remains an assured tenant of the social landlord, and can continue to live in the home as a tenant. The adoption of a flexible tenure policy is optional for landlords but strongly encouraged.


The information on this page applies only to England. Go to Shelter Cymru for information relating to Wales.

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