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Time limits for judicial review

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The time limits for judicial review.

An application for judicial review should be started no later than three months after the grounds to make the claim first arose.[1]

The time limit cannot be extended by any of the parties involved. A late application may be allowed if the claimant can show good reason for the delay. If a delay would prejudice or cause substantial harm to third parties, then the request can be refused.[2] However, there are exceptions to these general rules (see Administrative Court judicial review guide for more details). 

In practice, in homelessness cases, the judicial review will normally arise in an emergency (eg failure to accept a homeless application and/or provide interim accommodation pending a review) and therefore delay tends not to be an issue.

[1] Civil Procedure Rules 54.5.

[2] R v Greenwich LBC ex parte Patterson (1993) The Times July 20 1993, CA.

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