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Energy performance

This content applies to England & Wales

Overview of energy performance requirements, including energy performance certificates in relation to buying and renting properties.

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) are legally required when selling or renting out a property.

Minimum energy performance standards

The requirements regarding energy performance certification of buildings for sale or rent. 

When an EPC is required

Not all buildings require energy performance certificates. 

Requirements and registration

The requirements for issuing energy performance certificates and their registration. 

Energy assessors

An energy assessor is an individual who is a member of an accreditation scheme. All accreditation schemes must be approved by the Secretary of State. 

Recommendation reports

Energy performance certificates must contain a recommendation report. 


How the local weights and measures authority can ensure that the duties to provide energy performance certificates are complied with. 

Requests for energy efficiency improvements

Tenant's power to request landlord's consent for relevant energy efficiency improvements. 

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