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Applying for UKVI support

This content applies to England

The process of applying for support from UKVI (formerly the UK Border agency).

An asylum applicant seeking to apply for support from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) can obtain an application form from One Stop Services. Copies of the form can also be downloaded from UKVI. There are also guidance notes explaining to the applicant how the form should be completed. A One Stop Service can also help new asylum seekers to complete the form and provide an interpreter where one is needed. Legal Help (a Legal Aid level of service) may be available for advice about this process where there are questions about entitlement or other complications.

One form is sufficient for an asylum seeker whose application includes a request for support for her/his dependants. If a person wishes to obtain asylum support as the dependant of a person who is already being supported by UKVI, s/he will not have to complete another application on notification, but will need to send a letter or fax to UKVI notifying them of the change of circumstances. A failure to do so is a breach of the conditions of support, and can lead to support being withdrawn.

The form requires details of:

  • the asylum seeker and her/his dependants, including the stage that her/his asylum application has reached
  • the type of support sought (ie accommodation and subsistence or subsistence only)
  • current accommodation
  • the resources available to the applicant, and
  • any disabilities or special needs.

Documentary evidence of the information provided, such as the applicant's identification card (where available), will also be required. The applicant must also send passport-size photographs of her/himself and of any dependants specified in her/his application.

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