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Introduction to rents

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Introduction to rent. Which payments count as rent, the payment of rent, rent levels and controls for different types of tenancy, and the situation around payments made after the end of a tenancy.

What rent covers

Definition of rent. When the tenancy agreement provides for it the rent can include additional charges. 

Why checking the rent is essential

Why it is crucial to check the rent payable on a tenancy. The rent can help determine key information about a tenancy, including the type of tenancy it is, the tenant's rights, and whether it is in fact not a tenancy, but a licence. 

Fair, reasonable, affordable or market rents?

The tenancies that fair, reasonable or market rents apply to. 

Payment of rent

How rent can be paid, including the regulations relating to rent books, and rent arrears. 

Rent levels

Controls over the amount of rent that a landlord can charge, when and how often the rent can be increased, and the rules relating to tenancies at a low or high rent. 

Payments after tenancy ends

Payments made by the former tenant after a tenancy has ended but while s/he is still in residence. 

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