Shelter produces good practice guides, briefings and toolkits for housing practitioners. You can download copies here, or buy paper copies from our online shop.

Good practice guides

Developing and supporting community houses

This guide examines the benefits of community houses and identifies how landlords and local people can work together to provide a focus for their neighbourhood. (Dec 2008)

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Working with housed Gypsies and Travellers

This unique guide is based on extensive consultations with Gypsies and Travellers around the country, and provides guidance and good practice examples to help organisations improve their support services. (Feb 2008)

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New directions in street homelessness (Volume One)

This report describes the work of agencies that are seeking to provide radical and innovative methods of reducing street homelessness. (Oct 2006)

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New directions in street homelessness (Volume Two)

Volume Two features projects whose innovative work is increasing the number of socially excluded adults in settled accommodation. (Mar 2008)

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Safe and well? Looked-after young people who run away

This resource aims to build on skills and practice within the sector to identify ways that multi-agency working can improve outcomes for children at risk of running away. (Aug 2007)

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Homelessness: early identification and prevention

A guide for local authorities and other organisations on how to identify those at risk of homelessness and take effective prevention measures. (June 2007)

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Housing and support for older people

This guide examines available housing options, homelessness prevention and approaches to working with older services users. (Oct 2006).

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Supporting 16- and 17-year olds making homelessness applications

This guide will aid professionals make effective homeless applications, and challenge decisions where necessary. (Oct 2006)

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Selective licensing for local authorities

This guide provides housing professionals with the tools to devise and implement their own licensing scheme, along with sample forms, and sources of further information. (Oct 2006)

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Back on track

This guide provides information on ground-breaking projects addressing anti-social behaviour and details their outcomes. (June 2006)

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Mentoring and befriending for young homeless people

This good practice guide explores how peer mentoring and befriending can help young homeless people and how to set up a mentoring or befriending scheme. (April 2006)

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How RSLs can work with young people

This report looks at the youth initiatives of Harvest Housing Association and other RSLs in the context of working with young people. (Feb 2006)

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Safe as houses: an inclusive approach to housing drug users

'Safe as houses' identifies the housing needs of drug users, offering both insight and good practice recommendations for this vulnerable group. (Feb 2006)

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Local know-how 

A guide to help advisers create a directory of housing and support services for young people in their area. (Nov 2005)

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Involving users in supported housing

This guide contains advice, project examples, tips, suggestions and templates that can be customized for your own services. (May 2005)

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Common monitoring

This good practice guide sets out the basics of setting up, running, and trouble-shooting a multi-agency monitoring scheme. (Oct 2004)

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Off the streets: tackling homelessness among female street-based sex workers

This review highlights the need for partnerships between specialist agencies and mainstream service providers to support this group. (Oct 2004)

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Youth housing strategies

This guide promotes joint working and ensures a proactive approach to the housing problems of young people. (Sept 2004)

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Mediation for young homeless people

This guide is a simple, practical, and easy-to-use tool for those working with young people who are, or may become, homeless. (Aug 2004)

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Multi-agency assessment panels toolkit

This best practice manual contains the practical information you need to set up a panel, including FAQs and trouble-shooting guides, good practice examples, and sample forms and checklists. (July 2004)

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pdf_icon Guidelines to accompany the MAAP toolkit are also available to download

Good practice briefings

The briefings provide a brief summary of an issue, including a list of recommendations for how to tackle it.

A long way from home: mental distress and long-term homelessness

This briefing identifies good practice for those working with people who have been homeless for a long time and have mental health support needs. (Dec 2008)

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Housing First 

This briefing examines the potential for the housing first approach to complement existing provision in the UK. (Nov 2008)

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Engaging with homeless children - guidance for education professionals

This briefing discusses the ways in which education professionals can engage more effectively with homeless children and their families. (May 2008)

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Engaging with homeless children - guidance for children's centres

This briefing discusses the ways in which children's centres can engage more effectively with homeless children and their families. (Apr 2008)

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Mortgage to rent

This briefing gives an overview of mortgage rescue schemes and outlines the need for regulation of such schemes. (Oct 2007)

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Service without substance

This briefing looks at addressing the gaps in service provision for street homeless people with a dual diagnosis. (July 2007)

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Tenancies for minors

An overview of the law on, and good practice in, letting to 16- and 17-year-olds. (Apr 2007)

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Gypsies and Travellers

An overview of the issues faced by Gypsy and Traveller communities in accessing housing and services. (Feb 2007)

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Barred from Housing

This briefing discusses the barriers faced by prisoners in accessing accommodation on release. (Jan 2007)

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Educational resources

A new tomorrow

A resource pack aimed at support workers, designed to address vulnerable young people's emotional development through individual and group activities. (June 2006)

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The Housing Game

A board and card game for youth workers to use in encouraging young people to think about homelessness, debate the issues and consider the reality of living away from home. (June 2004)

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