Our high quality podcasts all featuring expert housing law solicitor and trainer Mark Robinson provide an easy way to update your knowledge at a time to suit you.

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* NEW * Right to Rent: Podcast £30
This 27-minute audio podcast discusses the key elements of the Right to Rent provisions of the 2014 Immigration Act, which came into force in England on 1 February 2016. The Right to Rent requires private landlords and their agents to carry out document checks on prospective adult occupiers.

Homelessness Law Overview - Part 1: Podcast £40
This 40 minute audio podcast sets out the basic legal criteria which determine whether a Local Authority owes a housing duty to a homeless person under Part 7 1996 Housing Act.

Homelessness Law Overview - Part 2: Podcast £40
This 40 minute audio podcast outlines the ways in which a Local Authority can fulfil or discharge a housing duty which it owes to a homeless person under Part 7 1996 Housing Act, as well as looking at the law governing the suitability of housing, and focussing on options for challenging homelessness decisions.

*UPDATED* Vulnerability of Homeless People Under the 1996 Housing Act £40
This new February 2016 version of the podcast is fully updated to reflect the judgment of the Supreme Court in Hotak v Southwark LBC and other cases (2015) UKSC 30.

Intentional Homelessness: Podcast £30
A detailed explanation of the law on intentional homelessness.

Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) Under 2004 Housing Act: Podcast £30
A detailed discussion of the legal obligations of private landlords who receive deposits for assured shorthold tenancies.

Housing Disrepair: Podcast £49
A detailed explanation of the law governing liability for disrepair in rented accommodation.

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