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We offer a wide range of housing law and homelessness training courses and seminars at our central London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield venues. At our London venue we also offer a number of benefits courses and soft skills workshops.

Please note: this page only lists one-off events.

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  1. Reducing use of B&Bs for homelessness families and young people: Seminar

      • Date: 14 September 2016
      • Location: London

    This seminar will enable participants to deliver a homelessness service that reduces the use of Bed and Breakfast as temporary accommodation for families, other than in emergency and for a maximum of six weeks, and avoids the use of Bed and Breakfast altogether for 16 & 17 year olds.

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  2. Tackling Homelessness 2016 Conference

      • Date: 27 September 2016
      • Location: Manchester

    Following the success of our sold out London event we are running a second event in Manchester.

    Increasing political and economic volatility means the housing and homelessness sector will need to work harder to help those tipped into homelessness or a worse housing situation. What’s the future for new legislation aimed at strengthening prevention duties? How can local authorities tackle homelessness through strategic and targeted focus?

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  3. Digital housing advice and support: a way forward good practice workshop

      • Date: 10 November 2016
      • Location: London

    This workshop session provides delegates with an opportunity to explore ways to improve access to housing advice and discover what other authorities and advice agencies are doing, what works well, and what is expected by people experiencing housing issues. It is based Shelter's 2015 channel shift research; 'Down the line: the future role of digital housing advice and support'.

    With an increasing demand for advice and support, it is necessary to explore ways in which the sector can provide the right advice at the right time to those in housing need. Fundamental to this is understanding whether digital and online options can provide a way forward.

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  4. Solutions for a better private rented sector: Good practice workshop

      • Date: 12 December 2016
      • Location: London

    More and more local authorities are using the private rented sector to help meet the rising demand for affordable local homes. Some work with letting agents to find properties on their behalf but increasing numbers are setting up in-house schemes, or full Social Lettings Agents, to tackle the growing need. However, the current housing market makes this difficult. Most authorities are finding that rising rental prices are limiting the number of landlords choosing to work with them, and many that run their own schemes cannot make them financially sustainable.

    This seminar will help you assess how well you know your local housing market and identify the best ways to maximise the supply of good-quality accommodation. It will demonstrate ways of incentivising landlords to work with you and examine what types of property management services will suit your tenants and landlords. It may even show that a newly established SLA in your area could be run at a profit.

    Shelter have recently worked with authorities that have set up successful SLAs and worked alongside consultants who’ve helped social landlords re-model their private access schemes to make best use of their local market. This up-to-date knowledge and leading experience has been used to develop this seminar.

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