About Shelter

We were formed in 1966, as a response to the country’s massive housing crisis, by founder-chairman Bruce Kenrick, and founder-director Des Wilson. Alongside them were a number of vital co-founders; Edwin Barker, David Reid, Rev. Eammon Casey and Lewis Waddilove Their vision was to establish one organisation that would speak for the millions of ‘hidden homeless’ living in overcrowded slums. That organisation was Shelter.

The launch of Shelter, coincided with the BBC’s screening of Cathy Come Home, a Ken Loach directed film, which told the story of a young family pulled apart by their worsening housing conditions. Watched by more than 12 million people, its impact ensured a wealth of public empathy and support for Shelter from our very beginning.

We’ve achieved a lot since 1966, including key changes to the law, and we’ve celebrated some landmark achievements in recent years – like the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in England, or the ground-breaking commitment in Scotland that, from 2012, everyone will have the right to a home.