Leave a life-changing gift in your will

For the homeless families of tomorrow, a gift in your will to Shelter could be the difference between an unstable, marginalised life, and having a warm, safe home of their own.

Your legacy gift could be life-changing. Not only can it help give people the accommodation they need, but also the stable, nurturing environment of a home.

Our will-making guide takes you through all the things you’ll want to think about when preparing to make or update a will. And our legacy adviser is available to provide support and advice whenever you need it.

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Shelter can challenge unacceptable conditions, support satisfactory rehousing, and advise people and families. I should like my legacy to support that.

Maxine Davies, Shelter supporter

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Terry Sykes

Hear why supporter, Terry Sykes, has decided to leave a gift in his will to Shelter.

How your gift can help

could pay for a hundred people to get housing advice online via a web chat

can pay for 50 families to get support from our helpline and help them get back on their feet

can pay for a thousand families to get the vital legal advice they need to keep their home.

can help 10,000 families get the face-to-face advice they need to avoid losing their home.

Help us be there for a family like Sarah's

Leaving a gift in your will, no matter how big or small, could help us give struggling families the support they need. That’s the impact that incredible supporters like you had for Sarah and her children.

Sarah was evicted when she was eight months pregnant, and had to move her young children into a bedbug-infested B&B over a pub.

She felt totally alone. Thankfully, Sarah got in touch with Shelter and we contacted the council. They quickly moved her and the kids out of the filthy, damp and unsafe B&B.

Unfortunately, the council then moved them to yet more temporary accommodation, which was freezing and cramped. It was miles from the children’s schools and all their friends and family.

They struggled like this for months. But Shelter was there for her once again putting pressure on Sarah’s local council to find her suitable accommodation.

Finally, Sarah was offered permanent accommodation, closer to their family connections and the children’s schools. Their home is now the clean, safe and secure place every family needs.

I’d still be in temporary accommodation if Shelter didn’t exist.

Laura and her family

Models have been used and names changed, to protect the identity of the family. Their story is real.

Other families like Sarah’s desperately need your support. A donation in your will could help a family find a permanent home.

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