Universal credit: How to deal with changes

What to do if your universal credit reduces or stops

You can check your online account 7 days before your next payment is due. If you've reported a change, this can affect how much you get.

Suspended payments

Your payments can be suspended while a change is being considered.

If you're asked for further information or evidence before your payments are suspended, you must be given at least 14 days to provide it.

Try to provide the evidence within the time limit or explain why you can't. For example, it doesn't exist.

When payments should restart

Once you've provided the information needed or explained why that's impossible, your:

  • ongoing entitlement is reassessed
  • payments are recalculated

If a change means your payments alter, this usually takes effect from the start of the monthly assessment period in which you reported it.  

You can challenge the decision if you think your payments have been wrongly calculated.

When your payments can be ended

Your claim can be ended if either you:

  • no longer qualify for universal credit
  • don't provide the information required within 1 month of being asked for it

You can challenge the decision if you think your claim has been ended when it shouldn't have been.

Reduced payments

If your universal credit payment is less than you expect this could be because: 

Complain about suspended or stopped payments

Find out how to complain about suspended or stopped payments if you're not happy with the way your claim has been dealt with.

For example, if:

  • payments have stopped without warning
  • you've received incorrect information from Jobcentre Plus
  • there have been unacceptable delays in dealing with your claim 

Still need help?

If you're in rent arrears because of changes to your universal credit payments: 

Contact a Shelter adviser online, by phone or in person

If you want to challenge a universal credit decision: 

Contact Citizens Advice online, by phone or in person

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