Finding a home after eviction

Find out how to overcome some common barriers to renting after an eviction.

Rent from a friend or relative

A friend or relative with a spare room or empty property may be prepared to rent to you without a reference or money up front.

You can also ask them for a reference when you move on.

Pay rent directly from your bank account so your statements show regular payments.

Claiming benefits if your friend becomes your landlord

You can only get benefits to help with rent if you have a 'commercial agreement' with your friend or relative. 

This means that they must take on the role of a landlord. 

The DWP or housing benefit department will want proof of this when you apply. They will expect to see a proper tenancy agreement and may check that your friend has done the usual things that a landlord does. For example, arranging gas safety checks.  

You can’t get the universal credit housing element or housing benefit if you rent a room in a close family member’s home.

Rent from a private landlord

You may need to find a guarantor if you can't pay upfront costs or provide a reference.

A guarantor is someone who signs a contract with the landlord to cover your rent if you have problems paying in future.

Help from the council

You can ask your council for help if you're facing homelessness.

Sometimes the council must provide emergency housing while they look into your situation.

The council must give you help and advice about finding a new place to live even if you were evicted from your last home.

Make sure that you explain to the council if rent arrears weren’t your fault – for example, if you had problems with late benefit payments. 

If you were evicted for antisocial behaviour, tell the council how you have addressed these problems.

Find out what to do if the council decide you're intentionally homeless.

Sort out your money problems 

If you've been evicted for rent arrears, you can get free debt advice from:

They can help you put together a budget or prioritise your other debts. They can sometimes renegotiate your repayments on other debts. 

You may even be able to start saving a small amount of money each month for future rent.

Eviction for rent arrears won't always affect your credit score but a CCJ or money judgment will do. Find out how to rent with a poor credit history.

Last updated: 23 April 2021

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