Living with other people

Most young people's first experience of renting after they have left home will be in a shared flat or house. This may be with other young people in a shared home, with friends or a partner, or even with a landlord.

Living on your own

Because of housing benefit restrictions, many young people will not be able to afford a flat or house that is not shared with other people.

However, there are exceptions for young people who are care leavers, and young people with disabilities.

Find out more about housing benefit for young people

Moving in with your partner

Moving in with a partner is an exciting prospect, but it can put a strain on your relationship, especially if you haven't been together very long. It's not always a good idea to move in together simply because it's cheaper than renting separately.

Agree some ground rules and make sure you're ready to move in together.

Get advice immediately if you split up. Your rights to stay in your home can vary depending on your circumstances.

Moving in with friends

Moving in with friends can be a good solution, but you still need to be clear what the arrangements are.

Your rights will be very different if you move into your friend's place as a lodger or subtenant than you will if you have a joint tenancy or separate tenancies in a shared house or flat.

If you have to leave your current home and have nowhere else to go, staying on a friend's sofa might be a good solution for a short time. But in the longer term, you may feel that you're getting in the way. You also have very limited rights if they want you to leave.

Get advice immediately if you are in this situation. You might be entitled to help from the council.

Living with a landlord

If you share your home with a landlord, you will probably fewer rights that if you have your own place.

For further information, see our section on excluded occupiers.

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