Help with housing support

You may be eligible for housing support from your council or landlord if you need some extra help with everyday activities at home or in your community.

What is housing support?

Housing support is help to enable you to manage day-to-day while living in your own home. It can include help with:

  • budgeting and paying bills
  • planning meals and shopping
  • emotional support
  • going to social events
  • following leisure interests

Housing support is usually provided in your home by a support worker or a team of support workers.

Find help from your local council's social services department.

Who housing support is for

You may need housing support if you are:

  • a young person in your first tenancy
  • a young single parent
  • moving into a tenancy after being homeless
  • at risk of becoming homeless

You may want housing support if you have:

  • a learning disability
  • mental health issues
  • a sensory impairment or physical disability
  • recently been discharged from prison
  • drug or alcohol dependency issues

You can get housing support if you live alone or share your house with other people. You could be living in a flat, a house, a hostel or sheltered housing.

The number and length of visits you have from your support worker varies according to the level of support that you require.

Some people only need a couple of short visits each week or month, while other people need to see someone every day and have access to an on-call service.

How to apply for housing support

You'll first need to contact your local council and ask them to assess your needs.

Find details of help available from your local council's social services department.

You can also ask your GP or social worker about getting an assessment. If you are in hospital, you can ask the hospital social work team.

Paying for housing support services

If you have a low income or receive welfare benefits, you may get help from your local council to pay for housing support services.

Find out more from about claiming benefits.

Get help and advice

Your local Shelter advice centre may be able to help If you need help to arrange or pay for care.

Many of our services have advisers specialising in disability or care needs, debt and welfare benefits as well as housing law.

Alternatively, Citizens Advice or another independent advice centre may be able to help you.

Contact a Shelter adviser online, by phone or in person.

Need more help?

Further information on housing support issues is available from these organisations:

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