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Benefit rates 2009/10

This content applies to England

This section looks at benefit rates used to calculate housing benefit in 2009/10.

Introduction to Benefit rates 2009/10

Figures used to calculate applicable amounts, treatment of capital, disregards and deductions relevant to a claimant for the calculation of her/his entitlement to housing benefit in the year 2009/10. 

Applicable amount 2009/10

Applicable amount for calculating housing benefit in 2009/10. 

Treatment of capital 2009/10

How capital is treated in the calculation of housing benefit in 2009/10. 

Disregards 2009/10

How much income, earnings and capital are disregarded when calculating housing benefits in 2009/10. 

Deductions 2009/10

Non-dependant, meals and fuel charge deductions applicable when calculating housing benefit in 2009/10. 

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