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What happens at tribunals and the County Court

This content applies to England & Wales

The practicalities involved in appearing in court, including information for advisers who are representing a client at a hearing.

Impacts of Covid-19 on court hearings

Changes to Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) hearings, adjournments, and access to Legal Aid during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

County Court legal and administrative staff

Each member of court staff has their functions and tasks in administration of County Court proceedings. 

Legal help in the County Court

Permitted legal representatives depend on the type of court and proceedings, and the parties may speak for themselves in all courts. 

Court etiquette

People should dress smartly and follow the rules on representation, order of speaking and general conduct in court. 

Hearings in chambers or in open court

Proceedings may take place in open court with general public allowed to attend or in private in judge’s chambers, depending on sensitivity of a case. 

Negotiations before going to court

Negotiating with the other side prior to going into court and agreements agreement made by the parties before the hearing. 

Struck out cases and adjourned hearings

Situations in which a case can be 'truck out (dismissed) or the hearing can be adjourned (put off to a later date). 

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