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Court hearings

This content applies to England & Wales

This section looks at the practicalities involved in appearing in court, and includes information for advisers who are representing a client at a hearing.

exclamationPlease, note that from 27 March 2020, all ongoing possession proceedings are suspended for 90 days. For more information about emergency measures introduced to deal with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, visit the Court and tribunal hearings page in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and housing section.

General information for advisers

Information to assist advisers in identifying whether a case should be started in the county court or in the High Court. 

County court personnel

Legal and administrative staff involved in administration of county court proceedings. 

Open court or private hearing?

The distinction between hearings held in open court, and private hearings. 

Representation in the courts

Those who can act as a legal representative in the High Court, the county courts, and tribunals. 

Court etiquette

Appropriate dress for court hearings, as well as general conduct within the court. 

Small claims

The small claims procedure. 

The hearing

Whether a hearing takes place in the judge's room (chambers) or in open court. 

Negotiating with the other side

This section gives information on negotiating with the other side prior to going into court, and looks at agreements made 'at the court door'. 

Striking out/adjourning the hearing

When the hearing may be struck out or adjourned. 

Setting aside or appealing

Asking for an order to be set aside, applying for a rehearing, and appealing against the decision. 

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