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Fair rent

A rent fixed on a Rent Act protected tenancy or on a housing association secure tenancy. A fair rent is binding on the landlord and can only be increased by application the the rent officer.

Family intervention programme

A Family Intervention Programme (FIP) is a programme intended to stop the antisocial behaviour of families. A FIP can provide an intensive outreach programme to families in their own homes or managed accommodation, or provide intensive support programme in supervised accommodation.

Family law

Part of the legal system that relates to marriage, divorce, and responsibility for children.

Fast track

One of the three 'tracks' to which defended cases are allocated by the court. Generally the fast track is used where the claim is worth between £5,000 and £15,000, and the case hearing is not likely to last longer than a day.


In relation to a document, this means delivering it, by post or otherwise, to the court office.

First hearing

The date on which a case will first be called in court.

First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

The First-Tier Tribunal is part of the court system of the United Kingdom. It was created in 2008 as part of a programme, set out in the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, to rationalise the tribunal system, and has since taken on the functions of many previously existing tribunals. The First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) has jurisdiction to resolve disputes amongst landlords, tenants, freeholders, leaseholders, park home occupiers or site owners in matters such as rent increases for ‘fair’ or ‘market’ rates, leasehold disputes, disputes about park homes, disputes about licences for houses in multiple occupation, and the right to buy.

Fixed costs

The court rules state exactly what costs can be claimed for some straightforward money claims.

Fixed fees

The fees charged by the court that are pre-set and do not vary depending on the value of the claim.

Fixed term

A contract for a fixed period of time, for example a six-month tenancy.


To demand immediate repayment in full of a loan on a property, usually for non-payment of a mortgage.


A way in which a freeholder can go to court to evict a leaseholder if s/he breaks a condition of the lease, such as not paying the ground rent or service charges.

Former relevant children

These are care leavers aged 18, 19 or 20, and those aged between 21 and 25 in education or training, who have been eligible and/or relevant children.


Foyers are designed for 16 to 25 year olds who are homeless or in housing need. They offer safe and affordable accommodation, guidance and support, and access to education and employment. Foyers differ from hostels due to the opportunities and support that are offered to the residents.

Fraser competent

The Fraser ruling provides guidance for healthcare workers working with young people under the age of 16 in that they can give valid consent for medical examination and treatment – depending upon the nature and seriousness of the decision to be made, in conjunction with the child’s mental and emotional maturity, intelligence and comprehension of the information they have been given. This requires a healthcare worker to make a judgment in each individual situation/ case. It is important that the healthcare worker makes a clinical judgement of the child’s competence in each case. Certain criteria need to be met in order for a child to be deemed competent.

  • The young person understands the potential risks and benefits of the treatment and the advice given.
  • The value of parental support is discussed. All healthcare workers are obliged to encourage the young person to inform their parents of the consultation. If s/he will not inform a parent, the healthcare worker must explore the reasons why. It is important that the young person seeking contraceptive advice is aware that although the healthcare worker is legally obliged to discuss the value of parental support, the healthcare worker will respect their confidentiality.
  • The young person’s physical or mental health may suffer if s/he is not prescribed treatment/contraception.
  • The young person’s best interests require the provision of medication/contraception without parental consent It is good practice for the healthcare.

Please note that Fraser competence relates only to medical treatment. The term 'Gillick competent' is perhaps more widely used.


The right to possession and use of land for an infinite period of time. Most houses are sold as freehold.

Freezing injunction

Previously known as a 'Mareva' injunction, a form of interim injunction, available in the High Court, restraining a party in proceedings from removing or otherwise dealing with assets located within the jurisdiction of the court.