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Harassment and illegal eviction law

This content applies to England

This section explains the law in relation to harassment and illegal eviction.

Overview of the legislation

Acts designed to protect residential occupiers from illegal eviction and harassment intended to force the occupier to leave. 

Outside the private rented sector

Illegal eviction and harassment outside the private rented sector. 

Protection from Eviction Act 1977

The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 protects residential occupiers. Breaches of the Act can give rise to a civil action and be a criminal offence. 

Caravan Sites Act 1968

Park home residents who have a contract with the owner of a protected site are not covered by the Protection from Eviction Act but may be protected under the Caravan Sites Act 1968. 

Criminal Law Act 1977

Occupiers (including those who are not protected by the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 or the Caravan Sites Act 1968) are protected from violent eviction under the Criminal Law Act 1977. 

HMO occupiers under the Housing Act 1985

Under the Housing Act 1985, local authorities have various powers in relation to houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). 

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