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The legal position of the site

This content applies to England & Wales

Legal checks that a prospective purchaser can make about a mobile home site, and issues around the site licence.

Local authorities regulate mobile homes sites. When buying a mobile home, prospective purchasers or their solicitor/conveyancer should make checks with their local authority to identify any problems with the proposed site:

  • the planning officer can give advice as to whether the site has current planning permission, whether there are any applications for fresh uses, and what the local authority's plans are for future uses of the site and nearby land
  • information should also be obtained about the current site licence (see below), which contains the rules about lay-out and operation of the site.

In addition to this, it is advisable to check who owns the site and, if it is a limited company, that it is not in financial difficulties or being wound up. This information is available from Companies House.

The site licence

The site licence is issued by the local authority and should be exhibited on the site. It contains information about matters such as fire safety and visual amenity. Checking that the licence is prominently displayed and that the provisions have been complied with will help to give an idea of how well-run the site is. For more information see the page on Protected sites in the section on mobile homes.

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