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Mobile home site written agreements

This content applies to England & Wales

What should be contained in the written agreement.

Under the Mobile Homes Act 1983, the site owner is obliged by law to issue a written statement of the agreement with each resident. The terms that must be contained in this are covered on the page on the Right to a written statement in the section on mobile homes. In addition, the agreement will contain express terms. These are the terms that do not have to be in every Mobile Homes Act 1983 agreement, but are particular to this contract. They may vary considerably and so it is important that a prospective buyer understands them. Most site owners will be willing to allow a prospective buyer to have a copy of the terms to take away and read.

The important areas to note are:

  • what services are provided by the site owner and how they are paid for
  • how and when the pitch fee (rent) is reviewed
  • terms restricting or imposing procedures on the future sale of the mobile home
  • restrictions on the use of the pitch, eg sheds, fences etc
  • restrictions to the type or number of visitors or occupiers.

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