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Secure tenants: Right to buy

This content applies to England

Secure tenants' right to buy, the preserved right to buy and cash incentive schemes.

Right to buy scheme

The right to buy scheme, qualifying landlords and qualifying tenants, and how long a tenant must have lived in a property in order to exercise the right to buy. 

Right to buy discounts

Level of right to buy discounts across England. 

Right to buy process

When a tenant is applying for the right to buy their home, there are a series of steps that the landlord and tenant must follow. The procedure is summarised below. 

Abandoning the right to buy

When the right to buy claim can be deemed to have been abandoned. 

Freehold and leasehold

Tenants of most local authority houses will be buying the freehold. Tenants of flats and maisonettes are entitled to buy a long lease, usually of 125 years. 

Transfer of property

Tenants that will keep the preserved right to buy if their property is transferred to a landlord whose tenants do not have the right to buy. Rights to consultation about large scale voluntary transfers. 

Sale of property by occupier

When occupiers might have to repay all or part of their discount if they sell a property they have bought under the right to buy. 

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