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Buying a commonhold property

This content applies to England & Wales

Issues involved in buying a commonhold property.

Most commonhold properties are likely to be in new developments built after 27 September 2004. After that date, property developers can decide whether a new development will be commonhold or leasehold. It is likely that there will not be many commonhold developments until the system has been in place for a while, because developers will want to make sure there are no major problems with the new system.

Buying a commonhold property will be very similar to buying a leasehold property (see the page on Buying a leasehold property in the section on buy or extend lease or buy freehold). The Leasehold Advisory Service suggests a number of particular factors that buyers of a commonhold property should check before purchase. These include whether:

  • the Commonhold Association is properly registered
  • they are happy with all the terms in the Commonhold Agreement/Community Statement
  • the previous owner has left any outstanding arrears, such as arrears of payments due towards the commonhold assessment (see 'commonhold assessment' on the page on How does commonhold work for details).

Contact the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) for further information.

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