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Service charges

This content applies to England

A detailed look at service charges, the costs that can be passed on to long leaseholders.

Definition of service charge

A service charge is an amount payable by the tenant of a dwelling. 

Obligation to pay for services

A tenant's liability to pay service charges, and circumstances where a tenant can argue for a reduced service charge. 

Statutory control of service charges

How service charges are controlled by legislation. 

Consultation: major works and long term agreements

The requirement and procedure for consulting tenants about major works and long-term agreements. 

Information about service charges

A tenant's rights to information about service charges. 

The landlord's demand

Information the landlord must provide when making service charge demands. 

Paying service charges

How the service charge can be paid. Help for leaseholders on a low income. 

Challenging service charges

Circumstances in which it is possible to dispute a service charge and the role of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). 

Looking after service charge money

Provisions for landlords who hold service charge money. 

Costs of proceedings

How landlords can pass on the costs of court proceedings to tenants through service charges in certain circumstances. 

Obligation to repair

Circumstances in which a landlord will be obliged to carry out repairs or provide services, including where tenants have not paid service charges. 

Administration charges

An amount payable under the lease for administration. 

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