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Shared and low-cost home ownership

This content applies to England & Wales

Shared ownership and low-cost home ownership schemes, which help people who could not normally afford to do so buy a home on the open market. The different types of schemes available, and some aspects common to all schemes.

What is shared/low-cost ownership?

Shared and low-cost home ownership schemes, how they work, and their costs. 

Conventional shared ownership

Conventional shared ownership schemes. 


How occupiers of shared ownership property can 'staircase', or increase the share of the property that they own. 


How possession can be taken on shared ownership properties. 

Succession rights

Succession rights to shared ownership properties. 


Rights to sublet shared ownership properties. 

Variation of leases

How the terms in a shared ownership lease can be varied. 


How to complain about a registered social landlord. 

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