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Personalised housing plans

This content applies to England

Duty to assess an applicant's needs and draw up a personalised housing plan.

Homeless applicant assessment of needs

Where the local authority is satisfied that an applicant is eligible and either homeless or threatened with homelessness, it must assess their needs. 

Duty to devise personalised housing plans

Local authority duty to draw up a personalised housing plan based on assessment of applicant's need. 

Local authority steps

A personalised housing plan should identify steps which the local authority will take to prevent or relieve the applicant's homelessness. 

Applicant steps

A personalised housing plan should set out the steps which the applicant will take in order to prevent or relieve their homelessness.  

Deliberate and unreasonable refusals to cooperate

Where an applicant deliberately and unreasonably refuses to take a step in their personalised housing plan, the local authority can serve a notice to end the prevention duty or stop the main housing duty from arising.  

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