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Non-EEA nationals eligibility for homelessness assistance

This content applies to England

Eligibility to homelessness assistance for 'persons subject to immigration control' who are not British citizens and not European Economic Area (EEA) or European Union (EU) nationals.

For information about the eligibility for assistance for British citizens and EEA/EU nationals, and the habitual residence test, see the section on Eligibility: EEA/EU nationals.

For information about the housing rights of asylum seekers, see the section on Asylum seekers.

Overview of eligibility rules: non EEA/EU

General introduction to eligibility for assistance and relevant legislation. 

Persons eligible for assistance: non EEA/EU

Persons subject to immigration control who eligible for assistance under the homelessness legislation. 

Investigations into eligibility

A look at how a local authority should investigate an applicant's eligibility for homelessness assistance. 

Households with eligible and ineligible members

A look at the situation where a household contains both eligible and ineligible members, with an explanation of what happens if there is a change of circumstances in a household. 

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