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Statutory rights to housing repairs

This content applies to England & Wales

Liability for disrepair where there are no contractual (express or implied) terms.

EPA remedies

The Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

EPA definition of statutory nuisance

The definition of a statutory nuisance contained in the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

Local authority investigative duties

Information about local authority duties to inspect the area for statutory nuisance and to investigate complaints. 

Statutory nuisance abatement notices

Abatement notices, the right of appeal against an abatement notice, and the options that exist where a notice is not complied with. 

Statutory nuisance emergency proceedings

The action a local authority can take where a statutory nuisance is of immediate prejudice to health. 

Local authority complaints procedure

Making a complaint where the local authority does not follow the correct procedure to remedy a statutory nuisance, or where the desired outcome is not achieved. 

Local authority responsibility for statutory nuisance

When the local authority itself is responsible for a statutory nuisance 

Dealing with statutory nuisance

How occupiers can take action themselves if there is a statutory nuisance. 

Statutory nuisance and human rights legislation

How it may be possible to take action under the Human Rights Act 1998 in cases involving statutory nuisance. 

Duties and liabilities on landlords and builders under the Defective Premises Act 1972

Action that may be taken where a problem occurs with the construction, design or planning of a property. 

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