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Tenant options if a landlord fails to repair

This content applies to England & Wales

Options for tenants whose landlord has failed to carry out repairs .

Advising tenants about taking action

What advisers should check before advising their clients about taking action on disrepair. 

Tenant deducts from rent or offsets rent arrears

A look at whether tenants can withhold rent to pay for the cost of repairs and the procedure for doing so. 

Tenant legal action over disrepair

Tenants can take county court action against landlords for disrepair 

Time limits for action against disrepair

Time limits for taking action on disrepair. 

Court orders for repairs

The purpose of court proceedings by means of an 'order for specific performance' or, for non-contractual issues, a 'mandatory injunction'. 

Tenants claims for damages for disrepair

Information on seeking damages to compensate for loss, stress or injuries resulting from disrepair. Also covered are examples of damages' awards. 

Disrepair remedies for local authority tenants

Particular remedies for disrepair available to secure and introductory local authority tenants. 

Disrepair remedies for PRPSH tenants

Specific procedures that tenants of private registered providers of social housing (PRPSHs) can use when faced with disrepair. 

Disrepair remedies for private tenants

Some remedies for disrepair that private tenants may have. 

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