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County court action

This content applies to England & Wales

How a tenant can take court action against her/his landlord for disrepair.

The tenant can sue the landlord in the county court for breach of contract if s/he has not met her/his repairing obligations, or for failure to meet her/his liabilities. The outcome will usually be damages to compensate for the disrepair and/or injunctions and/or orders to compel the landlord to do the necessary work. Court action should generally only be considered as a last resort because it can be costly and time consuming.

Time limits

Time limits for taking action on disrepair. 

Gathering information

Information the tenant will need to gather before going to court. 

Orders for specific performance

The purpose of court proceedings by means of an 'order for specific performance' or, for non-contractual issues, a 'mandatory injunction'. 


Information on seeking damages to compensate for loss, stress or injuries resulting from disrepair. Also covered are examples of damages' awards. 

Landlord's undertakings

How a tenant could negotiate a formal agreement with the landlord to carry out the repair works and give compensation. 

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