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Conditions attached to support

This content applies to England

Conditions might be attached to an offer of support from UKVI.

Under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, support is usually provided subject to conditions, which must be set out in writing and given to the person who is to receive asylum support.[1] UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) may withdraw support where it has reason to suspect that the asylum seeker or any dependant has failed to comply with any condition subject to which support is provided. The conditions that may be attached to an offer of support vary, but may include:

  • the requirement to travel to, or live at, a specified address
  • the duty to notify UKVI of a change of circumstances
  • the requirement to inform UKVI, and get permission, before leaving accommodation for a specified period of time.

Many appeals to the Asylum Support Adjudicators (see the page on Challenging UKVI decisions for information) are cases where UKVI has withdrawn support because an asylum seeker has breached conditions without reasonable excuse.

[1] s.95(9)-(11) Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

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