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Statutory protection of deposits

This content applies to England

The statutory requirements for the protection of deposits paid in relation to an assured shorthold tenancy.

Tenancy deposit protection rules

Rules for protecting a deposit received on or after 6 April 2007 in a tenancy deposit protection scheme, including when a tenancy is renewed on or after that date. 

Prescribed information

Full list of prescribed information that must be served on the tenant and any relevant person. 

Time limits for compliance

A landlord or agent must protect a deposit paid by an assured shorthold tenant and provide the prescribed information within the statutory time limit. 

Penalties for non-compliance

Consequences for a landlord/agent who has not complied with her/his obligations under the tenancy deposit protectionlegislation. 

The approved schemes

Tenancy deposit protection schemes can either be custodial or insurance-backed. 

Return of the deposit

Scheme rules about the return of a protected deposit. 

Protection termination under insurance schemes

When a deposit ceases to be protected under an insurance scheme before the tenancy comes to an end. 

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