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Information about landlords' and tenants' inventories.

What is an inventory

An inventory is a document detailing the contents and condition of a rented property. Increasingly, a photographic or video record is used to supplement or replace a paper inventory.

There is no legal requirement for a landlord who is letting a property to prepare an inventory. However, an inventory can protect both the tenant and the landlord where there is a dispute over the return of the deposit and could be used as evidence where a dispute comes before a tenancy deposit protection scheme's dispute resolution service or the courts. For further information see the section on Deposits.

Landlord's inventory

Where an inventory is supplied by a landlord or agent, the tenant should check the inventory against the actual contents and condition of the property, noting any discrepancies, before signing the tenancy agreement or signing the inventory to state that it is an accurate record.

Tenant's inventory

Where an inventory is not supplied, a tenant can prepare her/his own inventory and invite the landlord to sign it to state that it represents an accurate record. If the landlord refuses to sign, the tenant can ask an independent witness to check and sign the inventory.

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