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Types of accommodation

This content applies to England

There are several different types of private rented accommodation available.

The various types of private rented accommodation include:

  • self-contained houses or flats
  • part of a house shared with other people
  • flats and houses with a landlord who lives in another part of the same building
  • flats or houses with a landlord who shares the same flat or house as the tenant.

The type of accommodation will be one of the factors in establishing what rights the occupier has (see the section on Security of tenure for information on how to establish a person's tenancy status).

Shared accommodation, including bedsits, shared houses, flats in multi-occupation, hostels and bed and breakfast hotels, may be defined as houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). An HMO is a house or flat that is occupied by people who do not form a single household.[1] HMOs are covered by additional legislation that requires them to have adequate facilities and safety procedures. Please see the section on Houses in multiple occupation for more information.

[1] s.345 Housing Act 1985 and s.254-259 Housing Act 2004.


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