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Rules for fair rent levels and rent increases

This content applies to England

Fair rent and reasonable rent determination, rent assessments and increases, and the role of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) rent officers

Before reading this section it may be useful to refer to the section on Introduction to rents.

When giving advice about the setting or contesting of fair rents, advisers should be familiar with local practices as they are subject to considerable local variation.

Tenant application for fair rent registration

Rights to apply for a fair rent to be registered for the property by rent officers and objecting to their decisions 

Rent officer fair rent determination

Rent officers consider all factors such as location and state of repair of the home but should disregard personal circumstances 

Fair rent and rent increase rules

Rules on fair rents and rent increases may vary significantly and depend on a type of tenancy and tenancy start and end dates 

Rent assessment by rent officers

The role of the Valuation Office Agency and the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) – formerly Rent Assessment Committees – in assessing rents 

Reasonable rent for restricted contracts

Reasonable rents, including applying for and the determination of reasonable rents, and the reconsideration of a reasonable rent after it has been registered. 

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