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Fair, reasonable, affordable or market rents?

This content applies to England

The tenancies that fair, reasonable or market rents apply to.

Fair rents

Fair rents (also known as registered rents) apply to:

This information on fair rents applies to all the types of tenancy listed above. Where there are differences, they are outlined elsewhere in this section.

Reasonable rents

Local authorities have the power to determine their own rent levels, but the law requires that they charge 'reasonable rents'.[1]

Restricted contract occupiers (similar to a fair rent and fixed by the rent tribunal) are also entitled to a 'reasonable rent' –  see the page on Reasonable rents and the section on Restricted contracts.

Affordable rents

Affordable rents apply to some assured and fixed-term assured shorthold tenants whose tenancies were granted by some private registered providers of social housing, and to some secure and flexible tenants whose tenancies were granted by some local authorities. See the Affordable rents section for more information.

Market rents

Market rents apply to almost all new tenants who moved in on or after 15 January 1989 (exceptions above) – see the section on Market rents.

[1] s.24 Housing Act 1985.

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