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Market rents

This content applies to England

How the rents of assured and assured shorthold tenants can be increased or reduced.

Assured and AST rents

The limited protection that assured and assured shorthold tenants have regarding rental rates and levels. 

Rent increases

This section looks at when the landlord of an assured or assured shorthold tenancy has the right to increase the rent. 

Failure to increase rent correctly

What happens when a landlord fails to increase the rent correctly. 

Reducing rent of an AST

How the rent of an assured shorthold tenancy may be reduced, and the process of rent assessment. 

Rent assessment

The role of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) in assessing rents, including hearings and appeals. 

Deciding whether to challenge a rent

Advice on deciding whether to challenge a rent at a Rent Assessment Committee. 

Assured agricultural occupancies

The principles governing rents for assured agricultural occupancies (see the section on agricultural occupiers for a definition) are the same as those covering assured tenancies. 

Rent increases and council tax

Liability to pay Council Tax and how this relates to rent increases. 

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